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All prices of services we offer, names of brands we stock and types of products we stock may be subject to change and we maintain the right to change this information as we see fit. As a user of this website, you agree that this information is subject to change/may not be accurate and is not actionable by the user in any way. However, if a supplier/manufacturer of stock we showcase on the Waterloo Music website takes issue with the information we provide then contact us immediately via e-mail or phone on our Contact Us Page.

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Our website has the option to sign up for our newsletter or to contact us directly via e-mail or phone number. This will require the submission of personal information of which is disclosed at the time of submission. By using these forms and submitting this information you consent to The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. using this personal information to send promotional information and/or correspondence to your enquiry to the owner of the submitted information. This submitted information given by the user will not be sold, given or in any other way than described here used by 3rd parties or The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. The information submitted by a user of this website is subject to all English law concerning data protection and privacy, information will be protected so as to comply with these laws and legislation (Data protection act 1998).

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All content within the website is owned by The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. for exclusive use by The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. with the exception of 3rd party logos and branding used in promotional images of stock we sell, 3rd party logos and branding belong to their respective owners and the rights to their logos and branding are owned by them.


As a user of our website, you wholly consent to the website’s privacy policy.

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The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. website showcases the stock in our stores and products we may or may not stock now, have stocked in the past or may stock in the future. As such we may use links to the manufacturer’s websites in order for a user to gain more information on the stock that is offered by The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. These websites that we link to may not be controlled by us or owned by us in any way, and as such we accept no responsibility for any content of these websites. If a user takes issue with any of these linked websites or the information they contain, the user must contact the respective owner or contact for that website.


We strive to provide accurate information and assistance to help a customer with the services we provide or the stock we sell. However, this does not mean that the information we provide is guaranteed to be true and as such accept no liability to the fullest extent that english law enables us to do so.


If any of these terms and conditions stated here are breached by a user of this website, the user of this website agrees that no damages, costs, expenses, claims or legal action that are a result of using this website or the services it offers can be held against the company or any of its employees.


We reserve the right to remove privilieges and/or access to the website or the services it provides at any time without the user’s consent or prior notice at the company’s discretion.


All contact from a user to the company concerning the products we provide or the services we offer will be directed to the official channels we have provided on our Get in Touch page or in other official publications. Any correspondance or notices The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. provides in responce to action or contact by a user that is given through the specified contact channel the user has stated or failing that the information they have consented to The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. using to contact the user.


If any one or more of these terms and conditions are not enforceable by us or by law than only those unenforceable terms and conditions are affected, and any other terms and conditions applicable to the user are enforceable and valid for us to act upon and the user to comply and consent with.

Third Party Rights

If a user does not consent or comply with these terms and conditions then the user has no right under english law and legislation to enforce any of the terms and conditions of The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. website in any way. This applies to any one and all of the terms and conditions provided by The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. Exceptions to this are as stated in the Rights of Third Parties Act (1999).

Governing Law

Laws and legislation governing this website, the services it provides, or the information it stores are governed solely by the English court system who has full jurisdiction over laws and legislation that concern The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. website and the interpretation within the context of The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. and the company’s website.