This page provides information on your privacy concerning the data you have provided to us either by forms completed and submitted on this website, information gained automatically via analytics or cookies we may use, e-mails sent via links on this website or information that is given via phone call.

Forms (Newsletters and Contact Forms)

Information that is given through our Contact Page or our Newsletter Page will be used solely for those explicit services and will not be sold/given to third parties and will not be used any other way except that of which the user has consented for us to use that information.

Analytics & Cookies

We will use analytics to track traffic on the website and information concerning user retention on the website, there will be no identifiable information stored this way and you consent to analytics being performed across the website in its entirety. The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. website may implement cookies in the near future in order to increase performance and convenience. However, these cookies will be optional and if you refuse cookies the website may not function correctly or you will be refused access to it. The information stored by cookies will be limited and you can remove them at any point.

E-mail Correspondence

Any information given via correspondence between the user and staff members of The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. will be kept confidential, access is limited to only the initial parties of the correspondence or any referred members of staff as required by the nature of the correspondence. Use of this information is limited to that of the correspondence and any further action or service commissioned by the customer.

Telephone Communication

Any correspondence given over telephone communications is subject to the relevant laws and legislation, The Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) (Interception of Communications) Regulations 2000. Any information that is given over telephone communications between the customer and The Waterloo Music Group Ltd. Information given via this method of communication will be kept secure and used only as is consented by the user for the duration of the correspondence and any further action or service commissioned by the customer.